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Alexey Ustinov


“Part of the ship, part of a crew.” This phrase from a popular sequel spontaneously arose in my memory when I was going to write this essay about myself. However, the story of my appearance in the field technical documentation can be described, not without irony, with a Russian metaphor “from shipboard straight into a ball.”

In any case, my path to IT was hardly predictive and quite unusual. For several years, I was engaged in journalistic, covering ice hockey. As time went on, I recognized how little consideration was given to the purely sporting aspects of the game as compared to “around hockey” facts. In such circumstances, it was not easy to speak of personal fulfilment.

Unexpectedly enough, I was challenged to alter me specialization and explore technical documentation in one of the leading IT-companies. It was difficult to imagine that this moment will be a turning point in my life. The experience and knowledge gained in the top-notched team of experts laid the solid background. Just in a few months, I was ready to take responsibility for preparing technical documentation in a company engaged in e-Commerce.

But life moves in a circle. I re-evaluated the validity of this philosophical cliche in 2014, when I got an opportunity to join Docco Team.

I do believe that technical writing personifies your efforts. It is not only about creating documents, but also writing history. This approach sure requires the maximum accuracy, a high degree of intellectual effort, but this is superiority of our profession.

I consider the cooperation with Docco Team as a chance to look over the horizon to expand the traditional boundaries of activity, and bring elements of meaningful work into it. Quality in small nuances is the top priority for this Team and it does not get any better.