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Our Company

For the last 10 years, DoccoTeam has been an outstanding member in technical writing industry by delivering high standard of documentation on-time and on-budget. Docco’s experience includes a wide range of projects relating to creation of corporate sites, data storages, document management systems, developments of business systems for industry and government contracts.

Our clients include large system integrators, public authorities, classroom software developers as well as healthcare and banking institutions.

Docco provides a variety of consulting services.

Our specialists are here to support you in your efforts in the following fields:

Technical documentation

  • preparing software design and operational documents in accordance with customer requirements and national standards;
  • composing Glossaries, HELP sections and FAQ’s;
  • designing and developing training solutions for products, services or software applications;
  • developing document writing tools, such as templates, customized macros and utilities.

Digital Marketing

  • preparing digital marketing materials, such as

         - site and social media content;

          - exhibition handouts;

          - annotations for AppStore, Android.Market and Marketplace applications.

  • providing support for presale projects, such as

          - contracts for bids and auctions;

          - business proposals;

          - presentations.

Technical translation

  • preparing original technical documents in multiple languages, such as:

          - English;

          - French;

          - Spanish;

          - German;

          - Russian.

  • providing specialized translation into these languages;
  • preparing localization of software and web-site interfaces.

Business analysis

  • investigating thorough of a business;
  • collecting and analyzing requirements for business models;
  • preparing a description of systems design and processes to build the “As-Is” Model;
  • recommending modifications of business processes and build the “To-Be” Model.

Systems analysis

  • developing a user interface design;
  • formulating tasks;
  • building data models for automated systems, sites and data storages.

Examples of our work can be provided upon request.