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Natalia Seregina


They say that a technical writer is an “Intelligent Centaur” – the best humanitarian among technicians and the best technician among humanitarians. Very well said, in my opinion. In addition to the knowledge of software and hardware, we must speak to developers in their language, and understand and anticipate needs of end users for whom the documentation is written.

Being a pure humanitarian, a few years ago I found myself working in the field of information technology. I’m still one of the “centaurs”, and I love the company that I work for very much. I’ve always had the desire to make progress. In the past, it often happened that a specialist was needed for full-time position, or a professional “techie” was required, and my candidacy was once again overlooked. Finally a former colleague invited me to work on a project, and that’s how I came to Docco.

I now have the unique opportunity to apply knowledge - both linguistic and documentary. I improve and evolve by participating in various projects and expand functionality. I especially want to mention the ease of communication with all the members of the group and quick coordination in addressing any problems that arise. I hope to continue cooperation with this great team, moving on the “ever-lengthening, ever-ascending, ever-improving” path.