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Eugenia Grigoryeva

Managing Partner

If you love your job, it will definitely love you back. Technical communication has become my favorite job, as it can satisfy both my craving for communication (be it with a client, a user, a developer or a colleague) and my fascination with modern technologies. After 14 years of practice first as a technical writer and junior analyst, and now as a team leader, I’m convinced that the ability to write is a vocation.

Any IT project involves preparing documentation. Even the simplest web-site developing project implies creating a concept that meets the client’s requirements. 50% of success in any project is due to precise communication of customer’s idea to the developer. Another 50% depend on the quality of implementation, accurate deadlines and other factors. A professional in technical communication can provide assistance in describing the customer’s idea as he or she is an expert in special notations, single source technologies and best practices, and is able to convey customer’s thoughts in a clear and distinct manner.

Docco Team is unique because it has united freelancers - people who organize themselves and work for their own benefit. Each of our team members has spent years working for system integrators, and knows that such cooperation implies a number of limitations - be it functional, project scope or basic office politics. However grateful we are for all the experience that we have gained in that environment, every one of us had ambitions that urged us to evolve. We have a goal that unites us and constantly offers new possibilities, and I believe possibilities that Docco offers are unlimited.