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Natalia Krivenko

Leading Consultant

My experience with Docco began with a series of random events and meetings that later grew into a great friendship. For a long time Docco and I have heard a lot about each other, but our professional paths did not intersect.

I accepted an invitation to participate in the Docco team project without hesitation. Although I was currently employed with an IT company and was involved in various projects, I joined the team as an external specialist.Natural curiosity, the desire for development and new experience, or simply an inability to sit still do not allow me to doubt the decision made.

Participation in the project involved solving interesting and challenging tasks, generating and discovering new knowledge, finding the ways to treat ordinary tasks unconventionally and creatively.

In the first moments of working with Docco I realized the most important thing - why Docco positions itself as a Team. Because there are teams, and there are Teams. The Docco Team members have the unique ability to create amazing work environment of mutual aid, support, participation, understanding and responsibility. They are associates, and all their relations are coordinated. They are the colleagues who see and believe in your capabilities (the capabilities of which you may be unaware), who trust your professionalism and who’s shared value is high expectation for result and the work process.

They are friends whom you want to meet and can’t stop talking to.

I wish the Docco Team success and recognition, and I want to express infinite gratitude to my Docco colleagues for their shiny, bright eyes, and for their creation of Docco.