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Kseniya Davis

US Branch Manager

“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere”.

I am an Russian expat currently living in Fort Worth, TX, USA. As an immigrant, I have an acute appreciation for communication and all its dimensions. There is massive pressure on your identity, if, having immigrated as an adult, you are unable to communicate your ideas. This struggle inspired me to seek efficiencies in communication. I have looked for universal themes and patterns so I can be eliminate misunderstanding, in turn learning to present my ideas in a concise and clear  manner. 

Like many of my DoccoTeam co-members, I have started my career in technical communication by accident. Looking for efficiencies in more things than communication, I was drawn to accounting and finance. After acquiring my Certified Public Accountant license, I have been working in the field of financial technologies - helping companies translate their business needs into software processes. Spending most of my days converting accounting lingo to codifiable requirements, I’ve sharpened my skills of an effective communicator. In the future I am hoping to apply more definition to my skills by learning from the pros. 

I am a recent member of DoccoTeam, but I already feel included. Distance and time differences are not a problem, since we use the latest technologies to keep us connected and focused. I believe that remote employment is the future, so I am happy to be on the cusp of this movement. 

My partnership with DoccoTeam will help me grow in this field, and in turn we  can help connect US businesses with their russian customer base. Wishing my team members and our whole industry success and growth in all endeavors - we are the lubricant for wheels of progress!