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Olga Markus

Project Manager

Working with the Docco team has been a thoughtful and careful choice. Before joining the team, I had followed its projects for quite a long time and had always been impressed and inspired by its rapid development and its approach to each project. I respect precision and highly responsible attitude to each project, as well as reasonableness in all processes. All these prove that the team members really love their work.

Our team lead has managed to consolidate professionals who are always eager and enthusiastic about tackling new projects, sharing knowledge with colleagues and discovering new areas of professional activities. Mobility and flexibility are fundamental features of the Docco team. Every team member is an expert in their field, be it business or system analysis, technical documentation or regulatory audit (expertise). They are always ready to delve into the essence of the project entrusted to them, to interact with other participants, to accept responsibility – that is, to be a true member of the team.

I chose Docco because I love the atmosphere of mutual respect, professional trust and confidence in my colleagues, as well as commitment to continuous development and the opportunity to work in new directions. The team inspires me to share my experiences and learn from my colleagues.

Fortunately, the professionalism of the Docco team is highly appreciated not only by the employees and partners, but also the customers, whose number is growing every year.