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Anna Ponomareva

Leading Consultant

-Work should be fun!

Information technology was not my first professional field of occupation. Being a certified translator, I used to work as a technical translator and prepare documentation on legal issues. At one point, I realized that I wanted a change and chose IT. The idea was striking and unusual, since as a linguist (a liberal arts scholar), IT had always seemed mysterious - very interesting but elusive.

In short time I have gained a new qualification as a technical writer. I’ve been working in this field for several years, and I do not regret my decision of switching to IT. What I like most in this profession is diversity of activities, constant expansion of technical knowledge and opportunity to work with texts. Technical writer is a profession where continuous development and improvement of existing skills is a prerequisite.

Becoming part of Docco and sharing teamwork is a significant step in my life. I hope for fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation. I am grateful for the opportunity to connect to innovative and creative tasks and for a wide scope for self-realization opportunities. I want to wish my team that all our dreams come true!