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Alena Kochubey


My participation in the Docco team projects began almost from the team’s inception, in 2005. My career as a specialist in the field of information technology and technical documentation was just beginning at that time. Who would have thought that this is where I would get the greatest store of knowledge and find people who share my spirit, interests and profession.

Teamwork is very important for me. At Docco Team I get personal and professional growth, experience exchange of ideas, even when socializing over a cup of tea or coffee. Each person is unique, and it is this uniqueness of each of my colleagues that allows our team to complement each other. Everyone is responsible for their part of a project, which constitutes the overall result and allows us to trust each other.

I want to wish our team new interesting projects, development, new motivated people, and to each employee I wish professional heights, new knowledge and best of luck.