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A very new tip for #Docco_SMMhowitworks is: Social Media Acronyms or Abbreviations
Do you know what does acronym mean?
➡️An acronym is a word or name formed as an abbreviation from the initial components in a phrase or a word (TY @wikipedia)
🔹Each time you explore your Facebook feed, you see a lot of abbreviations like TBT, BTW or HBD you’ve never met before.
When we prepared this post, we tried to count how many acronyms are used in different publications.
More than 150. Even more than 200...300... infinity
🔸Everyday users create new acronyms by cutting words, dividing them into different letters or syllables.
It's a kind of secret language for all involved people. For all experienced social media marketers.
🔹We've listed 10 basic acros and 10 interesting acros we met.
Hope you'll enjoy the choice we've made.
🔸If this post get more then 20 likes, we'll recommend you another 10 acros.
⭐️10 basics:
Pls or Plz - please
DM - direct message
Q or QQ - question
BD - big deal
Tnx or TY - thank you
FB - Facebook
LI - LinkedIn
YT - YouTube
TW - Tweeter
SM - social media
🌟10 featured acros:
LOL - laugh out loud
OMG - oh my God
FOMO - fear of missing out
BTW - by the way
TBH - to be honest
FBF - flash-back friday
TBT - throwback thursday
SO or S/O - Shout Out
BFF - best friends forever
AFAIK – as far as I know
xoxo - hugs and kisses
xx - kisses
for everyone!
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