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DM: Web statistics



In the previous post #Docco_Digitalmarketinghowitworks we talked about the audience. But now it’s time to find the customer.👀

And it is very simple! Your customer is on the Internet.
👩🏻‍💻To be more precise - in the social media!👍 It is not just our expert opinion.

According to different surveys, the number of social media users increases constantly.
🔝You can definitely agree with us, that now while drinking morning coffee people are checking their Facebook or Instagram accounts, not newspapers.

Statistics tell us the same.
🔸89% of the US web users check Facebook,
🔹42% - Instagram,
🔸31% - Pinterest and
🔹27% - Twitter.

But OK, it just figures. What is interesting for us as business owners?
We will tell you.

❗️70% of US Internet users spend 1 hour, 15 minutes on social networks per day❗️

People even spend less time in offline shops!
What do they do?
❗️They read the news, check friends photos and searching for the products❗️

And as the result we have one very important fact
➡️ social media give information and impact the PURCHASE.

Let’s see the research:
71% of respondents are more likely to buy the product after reading social media referrals. 71!!!

78% of respondents said that companies’ social media posts impact their purchases. 78!!!

These numbers are huge! .
Do you have your business group in social media? Are you active in social media?
❗️Do not miss such huge opportunities!

☝🏻Remember, you do not need to be the advertising guru.
Just leave it to the professional team! We will create, develop and manage your presence on the web!

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