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DM: Hashtags, how it works


Let us introduce a new column - #Docco_SMMhowitworks.
Useful, experience-based, for all who’d love to be on the cover of the most best-selling Instagram profiles💵 
❌We won’t tell you the truth you’ve already known.
✅Some really great life-hacks
🔥Today’s topic is ‘HASHTAG in SMM’🔥
1) Basic rules:
▪️Hash - it’s not only a musical sign, it’s a powerful key to your successful social media marketing and SALES.
▫️Hashtags are SO GREAT for navigation thru the Instagram: interests, synonyms, celebrities, countries. Could find all you need with it. That’s how your clients will easily find you and buy your products.
▪️Use it EVERY time you do your Instagram posts.
▫️NEVER use spaces between your # and keywords. Ex: #doccoteam
▪️If there are some keywords in sequence, NEVER use space between words, replace it by low dash. Ex: #docco_smm

2) Tsssss🤫 Secret life-hacks:
▫️If you plan to write a regular column (recurring posts all around the same theme topic), just find ONE special PERSONALIZED hashtag for it. Ex: #Docco_SMMhowitworks. If your followers love this column, so they could find easily ALL other column posts.
▪️Put your column hashtag somewhere in your post:
inside your text (if it’s a logical part of)
in the top of your post (like a column name) or
in the bottom of your post (column name).
▫️NO MORE than 3 hashtags in your text. It’s the craziest thing to read text with hashes all the way. Don’t lose your followers❌
▪️Create a hashtags cloud: NO MORE than 10-15 hashtags other than your column hashtag. Incl.:
50% keywords associated with your services, products, business
20% keywords about interests, problems, synonyms related to the post topic
10% keywords related to your location (or your target market location)
5% keywords related to other top interests of your target audience (if the audience are women 50+, #family will be powerful)
5% keywords related to the top news, celebrities, politicians
*other keywords
▫️ONLY common hashtags in your cloud. Used more than 100K times (check tag’s Instagram statistics).
▪️NEVER INSERT the hashtags cloud in your text:
Add a bottom line (15 low dashes) and your cloud after or
Add the whole cloud in the first comment to your post
your post is limited:
to 2000 symbols 
to 30 hashtags
500 symbols
1 personalized column #
10 # cloud
🍀Good luck and a lot of success for your SM Sales!🍀
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