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TL: Lost in translation


🌎Do you know what does the "tech. translator" mean?
Have you ever read a guide for a German-made car?
Or a help for Microsoft Word app?
Or a quick overview for a high-performance chip made in China?

🌍Wherever the product was made, its international market expansion starts from its localized description.
🌏Technical translators
(in IT/engineering) are top-quality translators who have to be good at:
▫️technical writing skills
▪️computer skills
▫️marketing & sales (not only by describing but also by adding some art of selling)
💡If you have a small local business (f.ex.: a Corean Buffet or a Nail’n’SPA studio),
you never think about a high quality translation value for its growth.
This tip will give you some indisputable proofs WHY you have to think about it ASAP!
Think globally.
We live in a multicultural society.
Want to reach more customers in your area?
Increase the number of languages on your website and Social Media.
2) Pay attention to details.
Let's talk about the same Buffet and compare three different approaches.
😞A.#1: A regular boring (nothing special!) restaurant menu:
Giving more knowledge and expertise abour each appetizer or salad became a regular practice for restaurant menu making.
🙄A.#2: A featured menu. This approach already includes offerings in different languages. OK, with some mistakes, typos or loan translations.
😇A.#3: The most powerful menu. This approach focuses on an understanding of multicultural specifics of the area and gives examples, comparisons of flavors and tastes or plates meanings in the same restaurant menu. An analytical approach in restaurant menu making.
3) Think creative.
An ambitious business always think different and innovative.
Does any Nail studio in your area think about translating its services description into different languages?
Be the 1st.
Check statistics.
Introduce new foreign one or two-word product names in your 'services menu',
Reach a new target audience by changing a bit your cultural color. Your old audience will really appreciate it because of something new.
Lost in translation? Found in innovation.
That's the only way to succeed!
What’s your opinion on it?