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Hey👋🏻 We as marketing people notice brands everywhere. Doesn’t matter, want we to do that or not. And start to use them in our lexicon. What about you?

Let’s talk about brands
Why brands? If localization is just a translation. Why do we need to talk about brands? Because localization is not only translation☝️ It is the text adaptation using the current language.

Language is something that changes constantly. Yesterday we used those words, now we use other words. In addition, words do not appear from the sky, they have their history.

⭐️Our life hack - knowing these new words make localized document appropriate for different audiences⭐️ Especially, when localized text is for Millennials.

Do you know that you use brands’ names every day in your lexicon? Now we couldn’t imagine our life without them.

Here are some examples of brands’ names
✔️to google (to search)➡️Do you need to find something? Just google it.
✔️to photoshop (to make images more attractive)➡️I’d like to photoshop the picture.
✔️to xerox (to make copies)➡️I need to xerox this paper.
✔️to hoover (to clean the floor using a vacuum cleaner)➡️Please, hoover the carpet.
✔️a scotch (an adhesive tape)➡️I need to buy scotch in the store.
✔️a thermos (a vacuum flask)➡️Please, put my lunch in the thermos.
✔️a frisbee (a flying disk)➡️Let’s play frisbee!
✔️a jacuzzi (a hot tub)➡️I’m in jacuzzi now! Do not bother me!

⭐️Being a professional means to learn something fresh every time. Even when we are talking about the words around us⭐️

Lost in translation? Found in innovation.
That's the only way to succeed!