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DM: Happy new skyrocket sales


🚀Are you a small-business owner?
Do you often think about:
•How to reach more clients and new places?
•How to reduce time, materials and costs for collaboration with your audience?
•How to build strong autority rates in your industry?

•How to boost sales?
🚀New year holidays are a perfect time to think about your sales strategy.
As business owner,
you dream about how your business thrives, don’t you?
The most efficient solution
for startups & small businesses for it is Digital Marketing.
But why it's so efficient?
🚀Let us show you 7 statistics you won't believe:
In general,
company spends for adv bdg about 11,8% of revenues
In 2018 almost 40.8% of advertising budgets
have been allocated to digital channels (in 2015 statistics were only about 32,6%)
70.7% of
US internet users spend about 1 hour 15 minutes per day
in social networks. They even
spend less time in offline shops!
What do they do there?
They keep checking news feed, viewing friends photos and ...searching for the products!
71% of respondents are more
likely to buy the product
after reading social media referrals.
78% of respondents said that companies’
social media posts impact their purchases
Do you know that the United Stated has one of the highest
numbers of Facebook users in the world?
But.... top brands prefer Instagram,
which is demonstrated by the 85 percent of them that hang out on the network
🚀These 7 facts might change
how you think about your marketing strategy!
🚀The 1st of January is the best time to make a right decision how to skyrocket your sales!
Remember also one thing:
As a small business owner, your time is probably limited,
so delegate social media work to a team
in your company, or engage an outside expert
➡️ @doccoteam_usa 🚀Have a wonderful New Year!

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