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TL: Again hashtags?


📌Localization is not only about document translation.
Localization is also about business adaptation to the local market in terms of communication materials.
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Hashtags are the part of advertising.
👌They also should be localized.
Everybody uses hashtags in their posts. It is convenient for the audience and business, for navigation and for attracting new followers.
👍 Using hashtags as advertising tool in social networks is one of the effective ways that costs nothing. The main point – they should be used wisely.🧠
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👉There is the café☕️ network in the big city. Each café from this network needs customers who live nearby. Usually, social media is managed by marketing dept from the head office🏢 They use corporate and unified hashtags. It’s awesome!
But how could people find the nearest café location if there are no local hashtags?
❗️Exactly, for this reason, hashtags should be localized.

Adding the local hashtags to the posts give the opportunity for the searchers to find
👀 the café.
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Successful marketing is like a puzzle with small pieces. Localization is a part of it.
Lost in translation? Found in innovation.
That's the only way to succeed!