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QA: What SANTA think about qms?


🎅🏼Have you ever missed your Xmas because of Santa?
Has he ever been late with his gifts because of elves, reindeers or sleigh in traffic?
🌟Santa has one of the most improved quality management systems in the world.

Just try to deliver the world’s presents in a single night and please do not be late.
What is a Santa's QMS about?
The planning phase involves assessing a current process and
figuring out how it will be done.
Gifts under your Xmas tree or in a sock?
Early Xmas morning or some days before by a workmate?
Everything is planned, scheduled and listed.
Bringing Xmas joy to the world’s children is a complicated endeavor.
Monitoring behavior, tracking the naughty and nice, producing
toys that meet Xmas wishes, providing transportation
and coordinating delivery are processes that must work together seamlessly.
It's a huge high-tech supply chain of toys and other amazing things.
Why high-tech?
The magic only works for delivery, not for fabrication.
Santa’s Workshop is the biggest employer in the North Pole.
How else can he deliver such a wide array of all these things?
Santa's document workflow is also impressive.
Thousands of letters received, million of employed elves
who supervise all flows of unread and read letters.
Another million of elves who make toys and who stuff Santa's bag. 364 days of preparations for the big night.
Monitor and measure the processes
and the toys made according to the plan, all policies, objectives and requirements.
Santa planned something and expected results.
He also allocated resources and performed actions.
After Xmas, it is time to review the results and then, report the results. According to the results he would advance to the next step – Act.
Where Santa is not satisfied with the results, he needs to improve it!
He examine in which parameters he failed to get the objectives and try it with another way.
He hires more elves at the North Pole for administration, hospitals, cooks, etc.
That is a lot of elves at the Santa’s workshop, around the North Pole, and globally.
This is the constant improvement. This is the never ending PDCA cycle and the Xmas QMS.
🌟Happy Holidays!