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ТС: Windows


Let’s talk today about ‘windows in Windows’! A very new topic for #docco_tdoxhowitworks hashtag.

🔸Do you know that a real technical writer usually ‘communicates’ with a PC without any mouse.
🔹Only keyboard, shortcuts and hot keys. You never have enough time for using your mouse.
The only thing you need to think about is your text, your project idea and how to communicate it to an end-user. Typing and designing the document should be an automated process. So keyboard hotkeys for all kind of commands allow fast access to those menu functions we use more often and make it easier to navigate through the interface.

Do you know that MS Windows offers a lot of useful shortcuts?

Do you know for example how to minimize all open windows and display the desktop in one click? Just press Windows logo + d!

To restore minimized windows to the desktop? Just use Windows logo key + Shift + M

How to close the active item, or exit the active program? Just use Alt + F4.

Try, try, try it! It’s so useful! We’ll recommend you more hotkeys in further posts.

Use these simple tips to be technologically advanced and business innovative!