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DM: Instsgram Targeting


Hey! 🔥Today’s topic is ‘SMM Targeting’🔥
❓Questions, problems, obstacles.
What people search for are questions. Problems. Obstacles. Things they’re struggling with. So when your ‘content strategy” is focused around platforms and mediums, opposed to the pain points of your consumers, you’ve lost before you’ve even begun.
If you want your content to convey your value as a business, if you want your content to attract an audience, and most of all, if you want your content to actually get found, then you have to answer a question.
1) Target your audience
Of course, for your first step you have to define your potential customers. Who are they? Sex, age, geography, industries, special interests. Make a grid.
2) Think about their questions
Complete the grid with 3-4 general problems your target audience has.
3) Match problems and hashtags
Check the Tip 1 of #Docco_SMMhowitworks Instagram hashtag and complete your hashtags cloud with 3-4 matching hashtags.
4) Your services should be answers
Think more and write more content about your services as answers.
5) Hashtag your posts
Nothing to add.😉
Apply these simple rules to all of your Instagram posts and enjoy your Instagram sales!🍀
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