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TL: App localization


We already wrote in the #Docco_localizationhowitworks that localization is not only about text translating, it mostly about text adaptation. Adaptation using the national and cultural feature.

Usually, we’ve been asked to localize different Apps. You can read about one funny case in the post “Long words”
🔙 Really, the App localization is one of the demanded services.

What skills are important for the specialist who localize the App? .
➡️developing and IT skills
➡️basic development skills to localize certain menu elements and UI
➡️minimum user experience with such App .

What does App localization give you?
App localization gives you an opportunity to launch your App in the other different markets, increase downloads’ qty and, as the result, increase your profit.

Which languages are the most demanded in the App localization?
English <-> Spanish
English <-> Chinese🇨🇳
English <-> French🇫🇷
English <-> German🇩🇪
English <-> Russian🇷🇺
English <-> Portuguese🇵🇹
English <-> Japanese🇯🇵
English <-> Arabic🇦🇪
English <-> Korean🇰🇷
English <-> Italian🇮🇹

Does your App have all these languages?
If not, we can help you.
😉 Don’t worry! We have specialists in almost all these languages in our team.👍
Lost in translation? Found in innovation.
That's the only way to succeed!