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DM: Ideas


🍳Did you see the egg? Normal, yellow egg? Egg that has more than 46 million likes?👍

The great and absurd idea!
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We can discuss with you any professional topics, read marketing books, study marketing in college. This all is important and necessary.

But creating an idea
💡 is something that impossible to study.

Creating an idea is the most difficult process. Ideas that will be interesting and effective.
🌟Free tip from us - If it is difficult to invent something new, improve existing one!🌟
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Here are some tips on how to create an idea:
💡brainstorming - participants express as many solutions to the problem as possible. They may even be absurd.
💡reverse brainstorming - the task is to create the worst and inappropriate idea. Probably, you can find a new approach.
💡association method - the problem is described with the help of various associations. For example, you can make a mental map.
💡The idea should be new, comprehensive and target marketing goals.

Creating an idea is a difficult, but fascinating process!
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What absurd ideas have you ever heard
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