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QA: Bug tracking sistems for free


Hey! We hope you enjoyed this wonderful week of Thanksgiving holidays! That was AWESOME!
We know that feeling of returning from vacation and the challenge of getting back into your daily routine...
👉🏻Be kind to yourself and take about a 3-minutes break in your working morning to decompress and to focus on this short list of free bugs tracking systems based on our experience. A very new tip for #Docco_QAhowitworks hashtag!
🕷You probably know that BUG TRACKING is a serious business. When developing software, bugs are inevitable. However, when you encounter one bug, it often means there are more issues hiding somewhere in your code. When you finally find them, you need to connect them with the first. Just to keep the integrity of your bug tracking history. Bug tracking software allows teams to submit, process and track issues to resolution
🕷Software Development is already a very expensive process. Some free and open source solutions for testing and issue-tracking could reduce significantly your project costs
Let’s meet our TOP 5 free BT solutions rating:
1) Bugzilla is completely free for any number of users. Teams can create an unlimited number of projects and track an unlimited number of bugs
2) Redmine is completely free for an unlimited number of users. The application does not limit the number of issues or projects that you can create and track
3) YouTrack is free for teams up to 10 users. The free cloud version includes 10GB of storage, but does not allow users to create private projects. Your team is larger? Try an extended version
4) MantisBT is completely free to use. It allows for an unlimited number of users and has no restrictions on the number of issues or projects that are tracked in the application
5) Trac is free to use. Another open-source wiki and issue tracking web-system for software development projects. Trac uses a minimalistic approach to web-based software project management
🏆Our favorite is Redmine! So simple, so flexible and customizable + Wiki + multiproject support + many other useful options for free
And what about your favorite BTS?
Pls share in comments