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TC: Macros never too late


🦁 What does this beast mean?
For those who are not in the IT industry macro is something about nutrition. True! (Wikipedia
➡️ Macronutrients, or “macros,” are the building blocks of nutrition)
💻 But not for us, for technical communicators. For us a macro (=macro code) is an add-in or a program that automates some tasks you do repeatedly and that saves you a ton of time!
💻 You can record a simple macro or you can write it yourself in VBA for Microsoft Office apps. That’s exactly HOW to become more productive in your day to day work.
💻For exemple, you are an accountant. How many typical actions in Excel do you repeat every day? Every week? Every single year? A macro you can run as many times as you want.
Here below some of typical Excel actions we all do regularly:
➡️Comments and Highlights
➡️Save all open Excel workbooks
➡️Copying the Sum of selected cells
➡️Open Calculator
➡️Unmerge Cells
➡️Insert Multiple Columns/Rows
➡️Add Workbook to a Mail Attachment
..or some Word actions you certainly would love to automate:
↪️Insert Pre-designed tables / pictures / formulas of other objects
↪️Insert branded Header / Footer
↪️Insert a Table of contents
↪️Check and avoid some typical grammar or business content mistakes
↪️Check page numbers
↪️Fill document properties
👌🏻This is a right way how to stay focused on your content and not on a document formatting.
Would you want to know how to do it or to share some VBA experience with us?
Just leave your comments!