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ТС: Mind Management


➡️Are you excited about this topic?
That’s right! It’s a very creative theme.
🧠We’ll talk about the mind management field but its figurative sense and IT impact.
In this sense it’s a beautiful conception how to manage and to visualize information. How to structure and to systemize it.
🧠Structured and visualized information is easier for our perception than plain-texted.
🧠When we add schemes, charts, diagrams to the documents we create (user guides, tech. requirements or presale presentations), the end-users who read these docs are happy and satisfied. This content is 👊🏻understandable, 👍🏻readable and more 👌🏻logical than a plain texted-content.
Which special software do we use for creating schemes, mental cards, mindmaps, charts and other graphics that structure information we need? Here below some tips:
Microsoft Visio by @microsoft
No comments. The most useful tool for all analyst or techwriter needs: business processes models, plans, basic diagrams, UI/UX plans etc.
MindManager by Mindjet.
Genius software. Yes, we think so.
Visual mind maps that makes information easy to understand, adapt, act and share. Every kind of information. Easy to design.
Axure by Axure Software Solutions.
Ok. One of the best tools ever for UI/UX prototypes. But have you ever done a pre-sale presentation for an audience? When you need to impress them by an interactivity of your information? Just present your information as an interactive widget or a site map.
BPWin by @logicworksgmbh
Very specialized. Only for BP modeling, only in IDEFx notations. For whom it may concern.
What?! PowerPoint by @microsoft for structure and visualization?
Yep! Just remember and imagine all drawing and SmartArt tools already integrated in. If you are not expert in Visio or in BP modeling, not sure ´to buy or not to buy’ a license for a MindManager edition. But still a good friend of MS Office. Just improve your office skills!
Did you know all of these products?
Wanna more workarounds by @doccoteam_usa?
👍🏻 & share it!
Use these simple tips to be technologically advanced and business innovative!