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DC: Copywriting


Hey!👋🏻 Finally, you’ve decided to create and developed business groups in social network. Awesome!🤩

Now let’s talk about the content
✍🏻. How and what to write about.

💥First, remember SM posts differ from blog text. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

High competition in SM posts. There are a lot of posts in news feed. While checking it people focus only on the interesting posts. Otherwise, just skip them.
Non official post manner. Social network is the place where people communicate, relax, see photos and discuss something interesting.
Smart feed. Interesting and useful posts with a lot of likes and comments will be in the top and visible in the news feed.

💥Besides, there are several simple rules for copywriting ⬇️⬇️⬇️

❇️People like to read short post. Max 2000 symbols in IG and 3000 symbols in FB.
❇️Talk with your readers personally. Person to person.
❇️Write as you talk. Write your posts in a simple manner.
❇️Ask for the feedback. It is needed for placing your post on top.
❇️Add pictures and videos. Your post will be more visible.
❇️Easy to read post. Do not write too long or too short sentences.

💥Do you follow this simple rules?

☝️Remember, you do not need to be the advertising guru.
Just leave it to the professional team! We will create, develop and manage your presence on the web!

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