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TL: Long words


Talking about #Docco_Localizationhowitworks we remember one funny work case.

We had a client who needed to localize App for managing home appliance devices. OK! It is not a problem for our professional team!

Everything went great till the moment when we needed to translate titles of devices and put the words in small boxes.
🔲 The boxes were so small in order to be visible on one screen of the smartphone. You can ask - And what’s the problem?
We will tell you. There were 5 devices, each placed in one box:
WM (washing machine)
DW (dishwasher machine)
HOB (built-in cooker top)
FR (fridge)
Perfect small titles for small boxes! HA-HA! Not in the Russian language.

WM box - just 2 letters. Russian language - СТИРАЛЬНАЯ МАШИНА (16 letters)
DW box - 2 letters. In Russian - ПОСУДОМОЕЧНАЯ МАШИНА (19 letters)
HOB box - 3 letters. In Russian - ВАРОЧНАЯ ПОВЕРХНОСТЬ (19 letters)
OVEN box - 4 letters. In Russian - ДУХОВОЙ ШКАФ (11 letters)
FR box - 2 letters. In Russian - ХОЛОДИЛЬНИК (11 letters)

We puzzled our brains for a few days. And finally, we found out how to solve this problem.
The best solution is a simple solution!
We made icons instead of words. Easy, clear and user-friendly!

Lost in translation? Found in innovation.
That's the only way to succeed!